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MCN thinks Scrambler is a bit ugly!

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This weeks MCN has pits the Scrambler Classic up against the new Guzzi Stornello and the they reckon the Scrambler is a bit ugly and the Stornello is a classic looker
Sorry like but I thought the Scrambler looked lovely the 1st time I seen the reveal on the internet in September 2014 and my deposit went in then. I have now had my red Icon for nearly 18 months and I still think its a beaut and a classic. It is easy to see the styling cues from the old single cylinder Ducati Scramblers.
What do we all think, shall we inundate MCN boards with photo's of our beautiful scramblers?
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I think the Scrambler looks superb and a way better design than any of the other 'retro' scramblers on the market. I gave up my Guzzi for the Scrambler, yes it was a lovely looking bike but so underwhelming to ride I nearly gave up riding altogether!
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