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Mine arrived Yesterday

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Very nice too, :);):(:p:confused::rolleyes:o_O:D

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Very nice! Was it purchased? Or a handout at a show?
There's a red scrambler icon on eBay from Wolverhampton
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It's just an ad advising 'ours is here come test it!'
That dealer is abt 4 mins from my house
Just been on ebay uk, They only have one of the scrambler pin badges left, Must have sold a lot:)
You're right Duchess, I rang and asked if it was for sale, :(

Do you use that dealership at all ?
USED to !
Literally 4 mins from my house.
But I travelled the last 4 years to Sheffield
I have an update on the mounting issue. I tried mounting this several different ways (you can see some photos earlier in this thread). I took it to the dealer today for the first service and to have it re-mapped and asked them about the exhaust. They tried a few times without luck and finally discovered that one of the welds inside the exhaust tube was keeping the tubes from sliding in completely. They ground this weld down and things fitted up the way they are supposed to. I'm a happy camper now! Just thought I would share...
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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