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Let me start by saying, I am not interested in a bar end mirror... I am removing a set of CRG bar end mirrors from my 1100 Sport.

I am looking for a nice looking stalk mirror that approximates the stock mirror shape, but in aluminum. I really like a couple of the Rizoma mirrors, but do not care for the wonky mounting adapter you have to use. To me, it just looks silly, and ruins the sleek look Rizoma is after.
Look at the adapter used on this Honda 3 photos down:

Stupid mirror adapter

What other options are out there for a high quality, aluminum, sleek mirror for stalk mounting?

Obviously, if I am shopping Rizoma, cheap is not my first concern... I am after quality and style here...

I hate to purchase stock mirrors for dang near as much as something nicer looking. My bike came with the CRGs.

Options? I saw nothing on Aella or Ducabike.
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