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I love everything about my Urban Enduro except the seat. I mostly use my bike for around-town riding and seat comfort isn't an issue for that. Occasionally, I or wife and I will go for a longer ride, typically under 100 miles. For that, the seat is horrid. Wife is comfy enough, since I added the grab rail. But for me, it's tortuous.
I read everything on here about aftermarket seats. The Sargent would be a good solution except for the price and I'm not so interested in lowering my seat height. I read a lot about the Seat Concept kits. That kit adds an inch (good) and is reputably very comfortable. It's just a little more frumpy looking than the stock seat. Several posters cut out the hump in the seat pan before assembling the Seat Concept kit. The hump makes space for the tool roll under the seat, but my bike has a perfectly sized tray for the tools under the rear part of the seat.
So I figured I'd disassemble the stock seat, cut out the hump and put everything back together. Mission accomplished, no discernible change to the seat unless you pop it off and look at the seat pan?
Was it worth it? Maybe. Sliding back on the seat works a little better and comfort is improved. However, the shape of the foam is the same, angled forward, and that still pretty much sucks. If I were going to do it again, I think I'd carefully slice into the foam and try to flatten-out where I sit.

I pulled the staples and carefully cut the plastic water-proofing laver flush with the edges of the seat pan. The one place the seat foam was attached to the seat pan was the front. Where the seat meets the tank, a thin layer of foam wraps the front of the seat pan. I was very careful not to damage the foam, using a razor knife to slice between the foam and the seat pan.

Side view of the hump. There's very little foam on top of it and it seems to force my pelvis to rotate forward- not good. That the seat foam angles forward in this part of the seat exacerbates the problem.
I used a jig saw to cut out the hump. I cut a piece out of an empty 5 gallon bucket to patch the hole, used 1/4 inch pop rivets to secure it in place.


I cut some pieces out of a foam rubber yoga mat to fill the void in the seat foam. The mat still works for short people.
I used contact adhesive to keep the foam in place. I did not use adhesive to attach the foam to the seat pan. Ducati hadn't done that, didn't figure I needed to. Leaving the original plastic wrap on the seat foam. I covered that with plastic from a trash bag, wrapping the seat pan and taping it in place. I replaced the original seat cover. For this, a $36 pneumatic stapler. I found that standard 1/4" / 6MM staples wouldn't do the job, so I picked up a bot of stainless steel staples, $12.00. They did the job nicely. Once the seat cover was in place, I trimmed the trash bag flush with the seat cover.

Now my tool wrap resides in the tool tray. Do all Scramblers have this? If so, what the hell was Ducati thinking?

If I were inclined to put in some long days on this bike, I'd probably go for the Seat Concept kit. For my purposes, this mod was maybe enough of an improvement.
Thanks to all of you who posted your seat mod journeys. I wouldn't have undertaken the project had you not.
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