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Hipsters and motorbikes. Motorbikes and hipsters. If that phrase sounds weird to you, its probably because you haven't been paying attention to the Ducati Scrambler.

BBC News has named the Ducati Scrambler "The Most Fascinating Motorbike of 2014." While much of hipster culture can be equated with 'retro for the sake of being retro,' Ducati has begun to breach that mustachioed populace with a product that applies modernity and functionality to the retro. There is nothing fake about the Ducati Scrambler, but you'll need to ride one to understand that. It comes with the noise of a motorcycle. The speed, the dirt, the fun of a motorcycle.

Ducati is normally associated with speed demons that only the most skilled riders can tame, but the Scrambler wants to be handled on a light single-track, a muddy trail, or on city streets on your way to the local craft brewery.

The Scrambler features a 75hp 800cc V-twin engine, the same one that the Monster 796 carried. There are four versions of the Scrambler, each with their own personality, both cosmetically and functionally: Icon, Urban Enduro, Classic and Full Throttle.

It would be tempting for Ducati to lay a price tag on the Scrambler that would keep it in the hands of only a few, but the Scrambler is affordable, starting at just $8,500 in the US. This price is intended to introduce riders to the fun that a bike can bring, with the hope that riders will eventually want to graduate to Diavels, Hypomotards, Monsters and Panigales. But as a standalone, the Scrambler will provide riders with a 'Land of Joy' they will cherish forever.

Source: BBC - Autos - Most fascinating motorbike of 2014 Ducati Scrambler
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