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Fellow Riders -

We're launching a couple of new products in the next few weeks.

All HICAP•SCDC buyers will be notified so they have first chance at the new products.

Riders ordering HICAP•SCDC kits between now and Monday will also get notified for a first look at the 2 new high-performance kits.

In the meantime, here is a very useful calculator that shows a bit of what we've been up to.

We're trying to eliminate or minimize some of the hassles riders experience with the electrical systems on their bikes.

Motolectric - Current Draw Calculator

A few minutes spent with the calculator can teach you a lot about how your system operates.

Note that you want to keep your battery above the 90% charged level for best performance and longest life.

Questions should be posted to this thread, at this time we cannot reply to direct emails about the calculator as we are busy with the new products launch.

Ride Safe!

[The Motolectric Team]

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Nice idea for tech nerds and geeks but I am struggling to see how the average rider would have any idea how to fill this in firstly (who knows the parasitic drew of their vehicle or even how to find it?) and then how to interpret the results.
IMO if this is to be useful to people there needs to be an option box beside each variable that people can click on to see what that variable is and what it means and maybe where to get the information to complete that variable.
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