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The world of motorcycles, while not completely dominated by the Y-chromosome, has had a hard time appealing to the female population. For whatever reason, motorcycle manufacturers are now putting in the work to address this issue. Among the plethora of makes and models, two bikes stand tall among the others: the 2015 Ducati Scrambler and the 2015 Indian Scout. What makes these motorcycles unique is that they are lightweight, and seem to scream 'rideability.' Coincidentally, they both have a common theme of retro-meets-present day, albeit in very different manifestations.

2015 Ducati Scrambler
The Ducati Scrambler has been basking in attention since its announcement back in late September. The Scrambler is Ducati's attempt at reaching a new market of riders. The concept behind Ducati's latest design is easy riding mixed with pure fun. What makes the Ducati Scrambler perfect for a new generation of riders, also makes it appealing to both men and women.

While looking to the future, the Scrambler gives a nod to the past with its retro styling and simplicity. The Scrambler is available in four editions, namely the Icon, Classic, Urban Enduro, and Full Throttle, each with their own distinct character and interchangeable parts. With an unmistakable Ducati 803cc 75-hp air-cooled L-twin engine as well as ABS, the bike is designed to be extremely comfortable, inviting novices and pros alike. Old-school aspects of the Scrambler include spoked wheels and a teardrop tank, while the LEDs and USB ports counter-balance the classic style. The MSRP starts at $8,595, and with all of its customizable options, the Ducati Scrambler is destined to be a definite buy for all types of riders.

2015 Indian Scout
Before the reintroduction of the Indian Scout, Indian retained an air of exclusivity among its riders. Their motorcycles tended to be associated with large and heavy machinery, inoperable by any other than the elite and 'macho.' Enter the Scout, just 550 pounds of cruising comfort. Indian has entered this lightweight class and caught the eye of not just those looking to keep it classically American, but of newcomers to the world of motorcycles. The Scout's power plant is the first-ever liquid-cooled engine for Indian Motorcycle, and represents the forward-thinking path Indian is carving. At the same time, just looking at the 2015 Scout, one can't help but be impressed with the way it stays accurate to the image of a true Indian.

The lower chassis on the Scout is sure to appeal to smaller riders, while the 86-hp V-twin engine will keep the heavyweights thoroughly happy. In an effort to diversify its fans, the bike's reach is customizable, with Indian offering reduced-reach and extended-reach packages. Indian has found a way to attract a younger and more gender-neutral demographic, in addition to maintaining its own loyalists. The Indian Scout starts at $10,999 and comes in four gender-neutral colors (including the iconic Indian Red).

Source: Five New Motorcycles Designed to Appeal to Men AND Women
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