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Have you plumbed it into tank breather hose ?
Otherwise you still have to stop.
But is Scramblers biggest limitation for sure, I've just bought a "spare" Scrambler, insurance write off for cheap so I can make a fuel tank around it and other stuff. I have two ideas
1/ A plumbed in extra tank under seat, getting rid of ABS pump and reorganising battery etc, not sure how much I can get in there but 2 gallons would be nice. Even better if I can fit something that already exists .
2/ Complete new tank, I know a bloke who makes alluminium tanks so I'll get a quote from him, if I could get 10 done I'm sure it would be more economical. I'll post some photoshoped shapes but thinking 60's-- 70's style narrow as std for knees, wider at front, taller everywhere.
Any interest here ?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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