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MRA windscreen

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Just a bit more screen than the World Walk or Dart. Thanks to Dirtstar1 for the head's up.

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Decided to go for it, $106.95 delivered from Twisted Throttle. I rode a bit under 50 miles yesterday and so far I am as pleased as can be. I'm 5'5" and while the little World Walk screen dramatically reduced the sail effect at speed, this thing seems to eliminate it entirely. I had a chance to ride 10 miles or so on the parkway, and at an indicated 85mph I felt very little blast on my arms and torso, with my head in clean air with no buffeting. I did notice a bit more turbulence and wind snatch following a semi a short distance, nothing unexpected or spooky, though.
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Bolted on in a snap and seems solid as a rock. I just reused my factory turn signal bolts as they are USA spec and plenty long.

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