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Installed Mugello The Vintage Tail tidy.

*To be fair, I have a Termi 2-2, single-sided exhaust, which changes the installation somewhat.

The plate mounted too low, so we bent the eyelet on the bike that holds the assembly. Somehow it dropped while riding and tore my license plate off. I removed the plate bracket and LEFT The Vintage LED brake light and turn signals on, but the remains of the plate bracket look terrible.

Can this hardware be removed, or do you have to order The Vintage light alone (without tail tidy)?

After plate ripped off:


After I removed the plate bracket and just left the LED light:
(I now need to remove whats theft of the mounting hardware, and find another plate mounting solution):


Also, I don't like the gap between the light and the seat.

Let me know what you guys think. Ha anyone installed a tail tidy with a Termi 2-2?



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