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Here are my pics,,,,,let me know if u like my BC Corsa Moto seat upgrade,,,,,100% more comfortable than the stock seat and also able to move around freely on this COMPLETE/NOT JUST A KIT seat as it's a 'straight bench seat'. Installation is super easy; a perfect fit,,,, cause the BC base plate pan is an exact duplicate of the stock seat's pan. Available from britishcustoms.com Looked at Mustang, Sargent, Corbin complete seats and the 'seat-concepts kit',,,,,,,Returned the Mustang; not at all comfortable; the sargent and corbin look very comfortable in the pics but are 'dished out' so you are stuck in one position,,,,,,,as for seat concepts, there is also some dishing, plus not available as a COMPLETE seat; just a kit,,,,,,,,So read the reviews, buy the one you want but suggest you stick with a seat design you have liked before,,,,,,,,feedback always welcome,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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