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My Classic being born at 2:15pm today

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I'm taking delivery of my new baby tomorrow.
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Nice, bet you don't sleep that well tonight
Enjoy it, I certainly am.
How are you getting on with your Classic, Si?
Is that Nicky Hayden unpacking your bike? ;)
:blob3:She was born at Pattersons Ducati Bunbury Western Australia. So far I've only managed to clock up around 200km's. The weather here has been perfect for riding. 22C and sunny. Winter in Perth can have plenty of days like this. I'm often conflicted, surfing or riding.
The bike is just so much fun. Just a joy to ride. Happy day's
Congratulations on the new ride, be sure to take so location pictures when you can to post them in the thread going on.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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