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I am just loving this bike :D:D. Went into the Welsh mountains today after it's first service, it still has a jerky throttle at certain low speeds but it's just the nature of the beast. I'm getting used to it to a degree, I went down a very potholey and gravelly track and I am wondering whether it's suspension is jarring my hand making it worse - I may consider alternative suspension at some time. But it didn't prevent me from enjoying it - I have no qualms about going onto gravel/stones/mud/ whereas with my other bikes I would have been looking for an escape route :rolleyes:.

I got up to 105mph on the dual carriageway (accidentally! o_O) and that seems to be the point at which I start to feel as if I may get blown off it if I let go the bars ... I would say that one of my biggest gripes, if I am being very critical, is it's paltry fuel tank. I was having to think about refuelling on a trip that previously I wouldn't have had to worry about.

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