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Had it fitted today and only managed a very short spin round the lanes - but what a difference already on my horrible potholed bumpy lane, I managed to keep sensible control instead of jumping around like a jackhammer! Most definitely a vast improvement and will now have to wait for the forecast heavy rain storms to go away before I can give it a proper outing and adjust it to my preferences. I think it's going to make a big difference to my snatchy throttle as well. It has lots of adjustments to the damping and also the preload so I'm sure I'm going to find something to suit me perfectly.

I did see on Elvisto's thread here: Nitron Rear shock Fitting Ducati Scrambler Forum that he had to compress the bottom eye for insertion - this did not happen with mine and it just slid in easily. There were however some strange gouges in the frame when the original shock was removed - I have no clue what these were caused by - anyone any ideas? Sorry the pic is rubbish so doesn't show you a lot - they look like some machine has made the indentations either by accident or for some purpose, it's not caused by the shock rubbing as there is no debris or dust as you would expect if there was constant abrasion. Graham was this on yours? :ambivalence:

Anyhow here are some pics:

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I'm pleased you like it Gill, :D Hate recommending something and it doesn't work :rolleyes:

No it wasn't on mine, but IMHO It's caused by the bottom rubber bush being too soft or broken up, I've returned mine to Woods, they are going to send it back to Ducati for a warranty claim ,
I'd complain about the frame marks too, :(
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