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My patience is wearing thin.

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Well 5 weeks in on Scrambler ownership and service is due to be done in 12 days time. That's fine but a couple of things annoying me but cant really figure out where the blame lies.


8 weeks ago test rode icon. ordered icon. ordered these parts too for fitting on pick up of bike.

belly pan

full throttle seat

black tank panels

billet sprocket cover

billet clock covers x 2

tank stripe

biller brake pot cover

6 weeks ago paid for all above items plus fitting and paid for bike. Asked if they could order the Temignoni race can for fitting at service and the classic wing badges.

5 weeks ago. Picked up stock Icon as no parts had come in. reminder of Termi exhaust please.

3 weeks ago I emailed asking about what parts come in and enquiring what price deal they could do the Termi at because others on forums varied from £699 to £729 and they said if I ordered with bike they would try to get a deal. I had no reply.

2 weeks ago phoned and asked if any bits come in. Reply erm not much just tank strip and speedo top part. hardly worth going down for then.

Today. phoned up for booking its due 621 mile service (1000km) and asked what bits had turned up. Erm tank stripe, billet top clock trim,billet sprocket cover.

I asked has the termi arrived ? No we sold them all ! I asked did Jon not order me one and I asked for a deal price. They said we have some more and none in your name and we can only discount £20. So that's £826 then and I can get one from Germany delivered for £744.

So bikes in for service on 18th April at 13.00.

Just ordered the exhaust from Germany for £744 delivered and getting my local independent to help me upload the software. I can fit the can and all the extras.

Not good customer service at all.
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Poor show, sounds like they dropped the ball with your order along the line.
Funny, in this shit hole country we seem to expect this kind of thing. There's even an advert on TV stating UK company with American after care. Something wrong there then.
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Reading other threads, it seems like USA have all the Termis but no bikes to put them on. Like I said, somebody has dropped the ball.
It's a new model and no history on demand for the after market stuff, you would expect there to be some glitches in supply, be patient- ride - enjoy.
Yes its one of those situations you hope wont occur and believe me I now get less agitated and think twice. They are really nice people to talk to so makes it hard to get annoyed but I also get the fact that Ducati supplies are also to blame. I see the problem can occur when dealerships have more than one manufacturer of bikes so no doubt don't concentrate on a particular one. The best manufacturers wont let their dealers down generally. I find it frustrating when I see others getting their parts I too have ordered fitted to their bikes. I'm thinking why doesn't my dealer have these parts yet then.
Its fine and will just wait and tbh there's not much more I will be ordering from them now and most else will either be from better dealers or from other parts makers.
[, be patient- ride - enjoy.[/QUOTE]

Fair enough but I've got one problem to overcome first. No Bike.
Albie, I think you're better off. I received my Termi 2weeks ago. Last Saturday I took the Termi in for the 600 mile service but the dealer told me they can't do any service without the bike attached. Still waiting......
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Albie, I think you're better off. I received my Termi 2weeks ago. Last Saturday I took the Termi in for the 600 mile service but the dealer told me they can't do any service without the bike attached. Still waiting......
Would like to see a picture of you riding that exhaust around like a witch of some sort.
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I only ride it when I'm not straddling my broomstick.
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Well it looks like our German friends are on the ball and within 2 hours of ordering and payment the Termi is posted and on its way to me via DHL as I tell you this
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I think Ducati have got ahead of themselves regarding accessories and even the other models - their advertising campaign was evidently too successful and supply has not matched demand! My dealer has had a few things in dribs and drabs, I wanted a low seat for mine but that's not in till 18th - so I may try and get mine sculpted (cheaper option anyway!). I'm glad I didn't pay for it when I picked the bike up. However they did say the Termis weren't a problem!
And you wonder why when I live 10 mins from said dealer, I ordered my bike from one 120 miles away!
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Yes I get why you did . Funny thing is my good friend works part time for Ducati Manchester and they at least have a website that says what they have in stock for the Scrambler. Apparently my dealer did have some exhausts but failed to save one set for me. There are good dealers and safe dealers and poor dealers.
Better off now Albie, as you said; saved money on the exhaust so now you can spend it on other things. But that dealer experience would sure leave a bad taste in my mouth. To be fair, I expect the dealers feel like they have been hit by a tidal wave for which they have not been the least prepared. Let us know when the pipe arrives, I know you will be pleased as punch once you have it on the bike.

I feel awkward tbh and understand stuff gets complicated at dealers. I just want my stuff asap to fit to my bike and be happy.
my dealer up here in Newcastle has been great on what parts I ordered, that said I'm not sure how many Scramblers they have sold so far as mine was the 1st out the showroom after their demo bike and I know of another 2.
they give me a great deal on the Termi, I have had 2 tank stickers and was surprised when I asked to order a billet brake reservoir cover that they had one in stock all sold to me with healthy discounts.
I think Ducati are trying their best to get the stuff out to the dealerships but possibly now that a large market like USA are getting delivery of the bikes then they are having to divide up what accessories have been produced in the 1st run.
Pretty bad service ,hope you Enjoy your bike so it Will make you forget about this in a n'est future
Albie I too have a dealer close by (30miles) But i choose to go to Woods of Abergele 90 miles away, The reason , Communication, :rolleyes:
I don't have a problem, they tell me how it is, my heated grips will arrive in June :(, its on the computer, I'm not happy with that ,but its not their fault, I've had all the parts I ordered, and they rang me when they were in, I chose to fit the belly pan and bar brace myself, but they would have been fitted FOC at the first service, Which was also FOC,
I also ordered one of the Scrambler hoodies, they didn't have my size in stock, but they ordered and posted to me within 10 days,
Some dealers not just Ducati, couldn't give a toss, :oops: We had a Harley Davidson dealer in Stoke-on-Trent 12 months ago, It closed down after about 9 months, They get found out very quickly,

It's very sad when you have to put up with poor service, Hope you get things sorted :)
As I said it disappoints me really. That's all it is and felt the need to say so without naming you understand as its not a witch hunt. I wont do that because I still have to use them for service which is fine tbh. Its now in next Saturday afternoon as today was on 607 miles and a trip down there is 40 miles down the lanes. Hoping my exhaust from Germany is here tomorrow so I can fit prior to going there and will pick up what has been delivered by Ducati next weekend. As stated yes its them chasing parts and then telling me they are doing so and sorry to have let me down. I am a patient man just sometimes want to poke them.
My issues with that dealer were well known among my DOC friends. The salesman messaged me to ask the issues, which I explained. So the air was cleared, and I thought I'd give them another chance. Due to the time my Urban is taking to arrive I considered a switch to a Full Throttle. So I messaged the salesman, who was in Spain for a dealer meet, and asked when his next FT was available. Now I deliberately didn't say it was for me, so as not to confuse things, as I hadn't spoken to the dealer I was buying the UE from, and I guessed a rep from that dealer would also be there. The salesman thought April for the next unsold bike, sounded promising! So I asked for an update as soon as he returned from Spain. My intention was to cancel my UE order and place a deposit for an FT. I'm still waiting for a result......11 days later...
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