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My issues with that dealer were well known among my DOC friends. The salesman messaged me to ask the issues, which I explained. So the air was cleared, and I thought I'd give them another chance. Due to the time my Urban is taking to arrive I considered a switch to a Full Throttle. So I messaged the salesman, who was in Spain for a dealer meet, and asked when his next FT was available. Now I deliberately didn't say it was for me, so as not to confuse things, as I hadn't spoken to the dealer I was buying the UE from, and I guessed a rep from that dealer would also be there. The salesman thought April for the next unsold bike, sounded promising! So I asked for an update as soon as he returned from Spain. My intention was to cancel my UE order and place a deposit for an FT. I'm still waiting for a result......11 days later...
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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