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My patience is wearing thin.

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Well 5 weeks in on Scrambler ownership and service is due to be done in 12 days time. That's fine but a couple of things annoying me but cant really figure out where the blame lies.


8 weeks ago test rode icon. ordered icon. ordered these parts too for fitting on pick up of bike.

belly pan

full throttle seat

black tank panels

billet sprocket cover

billet clock covers x 2

tank stripe

biller brake pot cover

6 weeks ago paid for all above items plus fitting and paid for bike. Asked if they could order the Temignoni race can for fitting at service and the classic wing badges.

5 weeks ago. Picked up stock Icon as no parts had come in. reminder of Termi exhaust please.

3 weeks ago I emailed asking about what parts come in and enquiring what price deal they could do the Termi at because others on forums varied from £699 to £729 and they said if I ordered with bike they would try to get a deal. I had no reply.

2 weeks ago phoned and asked if any bits come in. Reply erm not much just tank strip and speedo top part. hardly worth going down for then.

Today. phoned up for booking its due 621 mile service (1000km) and asked what bits had turned up. Erm tank stripe, billet top clock trim,billet sprocket cover.

I asked has the termi arrived ? No we sold them all ! I asked did Jon not order me one and I asked for a deal price. They said we have some more and none in your name and we can only discount £20. So that's £826 then and I can get one from Germany delivered for £744.

So bikes in for service on 18th April at 13.00.

Just ordered the exhaust from Germany for £744 delivered and getting my local independent to help me upload the software. I can fit the can and all the extras.

Not good customer service at all.
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Urbans are imminent though apparently like all the rest of the models. I was torn between Icon and full throttle and only chose Icon for delivery advantage.
I hope so, I emailed Moto Rapido Saturday but knowing how busy the salesman will be over the weekend I'm not expecting a reply until early next week.
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