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My scrambler

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I have done about 400 miles on my icon scrambler, I have had it since November but have only just got round to using it because of winter weather. So what's it like.....
The engine is brilliant and so is the gearbox, I had a 821 monster and the gearbox on that was rubbish. I love the riding position on the scrambler but there are problems, for some reason Ducati choose to fit a plank of wood instead of a seat. The seat really is bad. What's the comfort seat like? Where can I get a comfort seat? (I am in uk)
Also the standard grips are rubbish, they have big rubber ridges on them that hurt my hands, where can I get smooth ones from? Maybe from a monster?
Other main problem are the mirrors which seem to have hardly any adjustment. All I can see are my elbows.
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Hi I fitted bar end mirrors and find them great, seat don't know if its softened up or my arse has toughened up, as for grips im fitting FT bars this weekend and Brooks leather bar tape for grips.
Best of luck.
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