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ok, first of all, forgive my english.... this is my very first review in english

the general quality is higher than it looks on pictures, parts are large scale ones but look nice as well the general assembly, electric wire or components are not clearly visible and this is generally not easy on a full naked bike.

the “cockipt” is nice even if it is very “compressed” in a single instrument; both handlebar and pedals’ controls are well placed, the sidestand is easy to open and close; the “rapid” throttle is cool! Not the same is the headlight switch…. it looks poor and breakable (the only black spot)

once on board, position is upright and the wide handlebar is comfortably held. the footrest are close to the saddle, so tall riders must fold their legs; furthermore, even if the position si comfortable, the foam inside the saddle looks to be too soft for a long ride.

Riding it:

turned the key, just a touch to the e/s button and the engine (well fitted inside the nice tube frame) starts with a cool and really Ducati sound, the voice is soft, but not too much as press claimed. the clutch is soft and first gear is in without noises or recoils, lifting the bike from the side stand is incredible easy…. (especially for those who rides over 250 kgs bikes… .) lets go!! Just after the first meters the bike results to be really handy but in the same time stady, like ride an incredible mix of supermotard and tourer

the final transmission is a little “short” on 6th gear, at 100 km/h (abt 70 mph) the engine runs at 4000 rpm but tit is always ready to push you forward at 2000 rpm as at 5000 rpm

the foot rest look fine but the shape (really racing style) is too sharp and once on stand up ride results uncomfortble; in this position the right heel strikes the silencer.

both gearshifts and brakes work fine, the gearshift is fast, soft and accurate even in downshifting; the brakes, even with only a single front disk, grant good stopping power and distances

suspension have a road set up, front fork is soft but never collapse while the rear shock has hard rebound on uneven surface,

some vibrations on saddle near the fuel tank, but finally….. once you start ride it, you’ll never want stop!!! for the very first time (personally) the test ride retains all the expectations created by the presentation (in truth too long …) and picks up the popularity of this bike!! Ride it at code speed limit is absolutely fine, and why not, lets take the dirt road that we have repeatedly "jumped" going too fast by our “too fairing” “too high” motorcycle
... .. I’m, as Italian, really proud of the men who designed and built this bike; "Land of Joy" is really appropriate spot. this bike is, without doubt, a “boredom and sadness KILLER", almost therapeutic ... .. no matter whether first, second or third bike ... buy it and enJOY it!!

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Thanks for the write up Hedo, :) So you should be proud, Ducati make some great bikes, with styling only your country men can do, :cool:
I'm sure with the Audi backing Ducati will become a leading manufacturer of motorcycles, I can't wait to see their next project, :rolleyes:

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Thanks for that, I agree about the headlight switch - the demo bike I rode seemed to have the main beam stuck on and no matter what I did I couldn't turn it off! Cannot wait to get mine, then have another wait for all the aftermarket bits I want to change :rolleyes:
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