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OK so here is what i did today.

Received my FT last week.

Today I went on the A4069... Boy what a road :) feels different on my FT :) although I have been on that same stretch many times. This bike is meant for the A and B roads.

Did a total of 70 miles.

Seat was good no complaints so far.

Found a Neutral between 5th and 6th gear... my mistake.. I think the gear should be fully engaged rather than trying to change it like a sports bike with a quick shifter.

My main gripe is the helmet... I am a size 58/59 and the helmet is BMW System 6 my head starts hurting right at the top on both sides after about 50 miles.

Tried my Tom Tom Bandit, its fantastic... Only mistake was I mounted it on my handle bar... so most of the footage is full of vibrations from the engine and the road...

Before taking it out had ACF50 sprayed and wiped :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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