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I made this Google Map of my trip from SF East Bay up to Knoxville OHV for some off-roading. On road was terrific as well.

More pics are on the map, but here is a teaser:

I strap my backpack to the back of the seat until the dirt road gets too bumpy at which time I throw it on my back for the rest of the ride to locate a camp. The weight on back fine - I once rode 2.5 hours to Sierras with it on my back - but why not strap it on for the long haul? In it, I have ultra-light tent, sleeping bag, air mattress, and air pillow among a few other essentials plus a 1.5 litre water bladder. Not interested in luggage, which is one reason I got a sled. I also carry a chain, waterproof bag, a wire mesh-net bag-lock to stow riding gear in case I want to hike in deeper. Or, I lock up the backpack while doing some trail riding. Don't carry much food; just a plastic BearVault-like canister with some dry snacks. Usually, I take advantage of having a dual sport bike to hit the road for 20 to 30 miles to a restaurant for a dinner and to refuel while at it. This trip I did that by going to The Spot in Clearlake. On the way back, I had to do some night off-roading with the lights, which was interesting and fun. The mud holes are a little more difficult to read in the dark. :)
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