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Been busy taking my stock Urban Enduro and making it more my own.
So far

Removed both fenders and gorilla arm license plate bracket

Sc Project CRT exhaust - youtube videos don't really show just how raw and loud this exhaust is. I thought i'd add the baffle if it was too loud but they don't make db killers for the CRT. Might have to swap this out. It sounds beautiful but its loud.

New Rage Cycles front and rear turn signals and license plate bracket- Really digging the low profile sleek design of these and they are bright, brighter than i thought they would be.

Altered the head light fairing - Didn't like the look of the fairing with the ears for the turn signals after i took the turn signals off so i cut the ears off, sandblasted it down to raw and powder coated it olive drab flat green to match the tank. Really happy with how this turned out. I tried to be lazy and taped the plastic bushings that the headlight mounts to instead of taking them off. They were really on there but don't do what i did, they melted in the oven and ran down the fairing. :BangHead: Oh well, cleaned that off, powder coated the fairing and then had to find something the same size as the plastic bushing to use until i can order two $0.73 plastic bushings.

Rizoma - front fender, handlebars and gauge relocate bracket

Biltwell Thruster grips

Powder coat - Coated the bash guard, exhaust guard, headlight surround, and all footpegs.
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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