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hi guys

I'm 33 yo...I don't own a car but I really want a bike...
some people tell me hey great idea get a small bike something like 200cc to learn and after that get something bigger 700 or 800.

some data:
height: 177 cm
weight: 70 kg

should I buy a 200 cc and learn and some time later get this Scrambler Icon?

second question
someone told me this bike (scramble icon)would be kinda heavy for you.... that's why I added my weight above? what do you think?

thanks guys
Hi Kopper, I am 160cms and weigh 59kgs (with arthritic hands) - if I can handle the Scrambler I'm sure you can ;). Probably best to learn on something smaller in ccs, over here in the UK you can generally sell learner bikes (125s) for the money you paid for them. Then when you get some experience under your belt you have such a choice! The question is whether you will want to stay long on a smaller bike ...
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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