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Necessary modifications

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I was wondering what modifications people feel are necessary on the scrambler? I love the look of the bike, and although i may look to personalise it at some stage, what mods would owners deem as necessary?
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We've had ours (mine but son rides it daily) a couple of months now, a used classic
Tyres OE worn out when we bought it 7K Km , fitted PR4 back PR3 front, will get double mileage heaps more grip, no probs on dirt
Have G2 tamer on way, std is liveable with but as cheap fix is hard to beat
Suspension is basic, will buy a shock sooner or later, forks I had a go at last week, only one leg has damping, bit awkward cos you can't measure air gap in normal way, Ducati specify 427cc oil in this leg, ours had 360 odd.
I put 427cc of 10w in , not maxton or adriani std I'm sure but not bottoming forks at every bump now, will prob buy springs next.
Seat was falling apart, got new one under warranty, is much better foam so that was a win
I made a leather bash/skid plate, oil filter is really exposed, didn't want alloy one mounted to engine (doesn't make sense to me) but skid plate is essential on dirt roads we have here (Vic Australia)
I also made leather saddlebags/ tankbag , cos I can, but is perfect for bags with a deflector on pipe (or aftermarket muffler that doesn't point up
Fitted no key fuel cap cos the locker a pain especially with my leather tank bag (flips back and needs key in it to shut)

Handlebars & grips next with the tamer
Gearing change would make sense, even more so in Europe or US where speeds are not so restricted
But the biggest thing is fuel capacity, light on at 200Km (124miles), I've got 240Km but don't think much more possible
Travelling in Australia not a goer with that range so I will make or buy a bigger tank, the bike deserves it, this is single biggest fault of bike IMHO, even if there are fuel stations, who enjoys constantly stopping for fuel ? Just the time it takes is time better spent riding or stopping somewhere nice.

ABS is bollox, disabled is perfect, brakes not easily locked, actually back could be more fierce for dirt. Procedure for switching on/off too tricky to remember for us.
Will get rid of pump, useful storage space there, maybe a scottoiler in it's place. Run brake lines in normal fashion.
I know ABS is mandated in Europe but complete nonsense for us to get it

Other than that is a fantastic bike, nothing comes perfect but is as close to concept of engine frame & wheels as they come, sad they put little plastic covers over ugly bits but that one we'll live with.
Famous quote from 70's about Ducatis
"There are no plastic covers over ugly bits because there are no ugly bits"
That mantra gone now, shame
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Just back from my first ride after fork oil change above, son said better but............
Huge difference, to the point where snatchy throttle is barely noticeable, before corrugations on dirt were a kind of jump/back off repeat scenario, now I can hold the throttle steady. Will still fit G2 when it arrives but today I'm saying forks were the main issue, basically undamped cos not enough oil.
Well worth the hour it took, we fitted tyre at same time.
For anyone hesitant on exy cartridges, try this first
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