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Hello everybody,
I am new in forum and also in scrambler world.
I own a 2020 yellow icon and love it. I made some changes with small touches.
-Fuel tank cover of Bagster
-Hand made side bags of leather (made by me)
-Hand made Jerrican holder (made by me), Jerrican is a Rotopax 3,8 lt.
-Waiting for a saddle which will be made by a craftsman, 3 cm higher and 1 cm larger on each side. I will have it in a few days, hope it will be more confortable.
-Ducati windshield that i don't like and desire to change.

And actually, i have a little question on windshields. It's about givi airflow universal AF49, I'm really interested in that windshield but I have some doubts about installing it. Especially, the size (diameter) of the rings for the fork tubes. Givi says it's 45 mm rings.
I have seen here that some riders had it, did you have any hard times to install it? Like the rings are too small for the fork? Or it fits good?
Thanks for your responses,
Ride safe and greatings from France...


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