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New Bike Day
Phone call at 9am I will be with you in 15 mins.
1st Ducati I’ve owned and was probably a bit apprehensive, wasn’t sure what to expect but I hadn’t heard a bad review so that was a positive.
Bike a 2017 with 2400 miles Ducati service every year and one last week and fresh mot from the dealer.

As soon as the driver left it was helmet on and go , first impressions where god this is light , with the wide bars and high riding position you can Chuck it anywhere at slower speeds. Dodging potholes wasn’t an issue and slow walking pace riding is effortless.

I purchased the bike as a jump on at any time and play thing and again 1st impressions are I should have bought one in 2017. All I’m after is riding pleasure and I think this could be the bike.

Is it a real Ducati, I’m not sure I’ve always pictured a red sports bike with some kind of racing heritage that you buy with your heart not your head. This reminds me of the Yamaha XT500 from back in the day.
Love It

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