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New chain guard on my Scrambler Classic

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Here is the first pic of an aluminium chain guard I will mount on my Classic.
Nice isn't it ?
Some more pics to come when I'll have it mounted on the bike.

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Just wait enough, my website is a little bit overloaded at this time...
Ah there it is. Unusual design. Far better than the plastic version!

Here are the pics of this chain guard, on my Classic.
You need to replace both 5 mm screws as they are screwed in a countersink hole, diameter 8 mm. You need to put entirely threaded screws.

OEM chain guard :

The new chain guard :

The bike, with its new chain guard :
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where can we find these?
Looks really good.
That does look great but would be better without the "chain tensioner" sticker.

No idea why manufacturers have to slap those things every where....

Lawyers, I suppose.

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