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New Classic today

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I took delivery of my Classic late this afternoon. Busy roads around Manchester but I managed to put 70 miles on the clock before sunset. I'm pleased with the gearbox, the selection and getting neutral is better than the test bike I rode. The engine wants to go but I have been told to restrict to 6000 revs maximum !
I have increased the preload on the rear shock to maximum and it suits my heavier then average weight.
Engine braking is good and the brakes excellent
I do think the classic seat seems a bit softer.
I think I'll ride the bike as it is until well after the first service, I'm probably going to put at least 2000 miles on the clock before mid July so I may upgrade the rear shock then if I don't get used to it, but I think it's too early for me to tell at the moment.
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Nice one Pete4, Congratulations pleased you liked it, I agree, put a few miles on it and go from there, you may get used to the rear suspension set up, Should get my new Nitron shock in the next week or so,
Do you ever get up to the Ponderosa at Horseshoe Pass, ? We need a mass meeting of Scramblers there this summer,
Yes Elvisto, I do get up that way, maybe twice a year or so. Always seems a bit windy when I'm there. We should meet as you say, I may even get up that way this weekend if the weather is decent.
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Enjoy your Classic. I'm thoroughly enjoying mine :)
I shot up there this morning, beautiful day, :) not sure the weathers going to be very good at the weekend :(
You're right. Tomorrow and Friday are nice but Saturday and Sunday are gonna be rubbish! :(
Congratulations Pete :) :thumbsup:

We would love to see some pictures of your bike if you don't mind... :rolleyes::p

See you ;)
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