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Hi, just put a deposit on a new Scrambler 800 Icon in yellow with a quick shifter, and heated grips. Traded my Kawasaki Z900RS. Took a demo bike out today, having been to a launch evening last week, I decided if i liked the ride I would swap. Never had a Ducati before, but the Scrambler caught my eye, not really looked at them till now. Liked the simple classic look, and the easy riding style. Looking forward to taking delivery of it, but not given a date yet.
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Hi JEP, welcome in the clan!
Since 2 weeks I have at home my Icon in black, quick shift is wow, and the heated grips works flawlessly. SCR is superior to what I expected. I love the engine, I like to imagine it have the same character of us in Emilia-Romagna region...馃槃
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Black looks good, the bike I test rode was black, I nearly went to the dark side 馃榿 At least you can change the colours, I'm going to get the satin blue also.
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