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New mini turn signals front and rear....

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Got these at Cycle Gear for $20 a pair. Small but within the law.

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looks great!

may I have more close ups for the front?

I'll snap some more tomorrow morning. Sleepy time for me.
Sorry the pics are so dark. It's 5am here and I'm at work. If you need anymore let me know.
thanks! looks like they go into the stock base without any issue :)
Unfortunately they don't without enlarging the original hole on each side of the aluminum housing. Not much bigger, and I can still put it back to stock if I wanted, but there us some minor drilling involved.
I see you've taken off the mirrors Merlin, any reason, ?

CAG, (Steve) has a nice set of mirrors from another Ducati fitted with the front indicators set into the back, they look really nice, He's not wired them up yet, I'll take a pic next time we meet up,
Just maybe a good alternative :rolleyes:
I didn't really like the stock mirrors...they didn't flow with the rest of the round lines of the bike. I have a small round bar end mirror, just not on in the pics.
I don't have bar end mirrors but also felt that the oem mirrors and blinkers needed to be replaced. Here is mine:


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1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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