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New Mugello Seat

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I wanted to give an endorsement to the Mugello team in Thailand for the amazing craftsmanship and professional service. I ordered a slim seat from them and I am extremely impressed. International delivery to the US was painless and the turnaround was very fast.
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Thanks- Those side panels are actually made from a vinyl carpet runner. It's just a temporary solution to keep the battery compartment and wiring protected while I figure out a longer term solution. Mugello does have some nice side panels that are due back in stock in the next week or so...you can see those here.

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I may consider designing something different, but If I get lazy, I'll place an order for those. The vinyl panels worked out surprisingly good though- Im not in as immediate a rush as I was....

If you explore the galleries on this site you can see others who have purchased from Mugello as well, including the panels. Those guys will basically make anything you can come up with though...
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Kwaichang- I paid via payal.
I was in contact with Mr. Sittimat. You can find his contact information here:
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Thanks Sarah- The seat comes complete with their custom shaped pan.
You do not need to send them anything. I should have taken a picture of the underside of the seat- The underside is finished in black felt to hide the staples- it's a nice touch.

*I should note that you do lose the little carve out for the tool pouch.
Sarah- I did not notice any obvious difference in weight But I will try and weigh them in the next day and get back with the details.
Indio- I sent a direct message.
You don't need anything really. It's just that the slim seat offers no protection to the battery case or wiring under the seat. You are most likely going to want to find a solution for that.
I really like your frame cover under the seat.. I prefere them than the Mugello shop ones..
Do you have some draw or picture of them before assembling on the bike?? I'd like to build something similar but I have many doubts..
Thank you!
I don't have any plan for the frame covers.. I just found some vinyl at a home depot and cut it to shape with a pair of scissors. the bottom is fastened by the side panel screw and the top is secured with doubled sided 3m tape to the frame that is hidden by the seat.
Did you order online or was everything done over the phone or via email? Their website doesn't seem to work, at least not on my tablet...

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You can contact Sittimat at: [email protected] He was always very responsive...
I think this email was posted on their Facebook page. Good Luck!
What was the turnaround? I ordered mine end of July!

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It took about 30 days from order to arrival in the states.. They were pretty responsive to my inquiries throughout and sent photos of the seat in progress... there was good tracking information once it was shipped as well. Hopefully you get it soon!
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