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As much as I'd like to see an upgraded seat and suspension package, I suspect that any new Scrambler models will be aimed at new buyers rather than existing ones.

That would suggest a ~55bhp 600 Scrambler that could be sleeved down to 400 for the Japanese market or restricted to 35kw for A2 licence holders in the EU. The same machine could be LAMS (learner) approved for Aus/NZ, though that is a trivial market numbers-wise.

The other big opportunity would be to produce a café racer based on the Scrambler platform. Yes, that's what they had with the Sport Classic 1000 that no-one bought, but that bike was (ironically) ahead of its retro time.

As Royal Enfield has proven, the market for a factory café replica is there now. The 803 engine still has a year (or two, maybe) left in it, and would make an ideal powerplant for a fashion-forward machine of this sort.

Alas, little of this will get much enthusiasm from dedicated "bikers", but it will sell by the bucket-load. And if that helps expand biking, it's a bloody good ting in my (35 years of riding) book.

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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