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New Termignoni fitted and a couple of questions?

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I had a Termignoni fitted yesterday and my fist service and have a couple of questions.

1. Did any of you guys notice a very fast high pitch (maybe metallic) ticking type sound when on the gas? Hard to describe but definitely wasn't there before. I can't figure where it's coming from. Soon as I let of the gas it goes?

2. When I was looking around the exhaust when the engine was running I notice some escaping exhaust gas coming from here (see pic). Only a little bit, but should this be the case? Do you have a little gas escape and should this do any harm? On a car you have a sealed gasket and escaping air is a no no.

3. Last - I assume you all have the whistle with the baffle in right?

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Only just seen your post.

I had the racing termi fitted from new which involved removing the CAT. It came with a re-mapper.
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