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New (To Me) FT

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Picked up this used FT the other day. Changed out the back turn signals (going to do the front snap on ones as well) and am changing over the color scheme (not a fan of yellow). Previous owner put on Ohlin shocks, the windscreen, low bars, gauge relocation kit, and a couple other things.
I'm going to get some Wolfman low profile saddle bags and a carrier for the dog...other than that It's pretty well outfitted I think.
I also have the license plate relocate kit, but I haven't put it on. Not sure if I will.

The white on the side panel is plastidip, but it's not holding up well. Probably going to peel it off soon. I found some white carbon vinyl wrap on Amazon I might try out. I'd also love to redo the seat piping in white...

Any tips on removing the classic decal and reapplying if I do the vinyl?

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... You can buy double-sided 'foam' sticky tape, which is what the original badges will have been stuck on with, Scotch do a range of varying thicknesses. I can't remember the thickness I used sorry. Also get some 15kg fishing line - it helps to 'saw' the badges off without damaging them.
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