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Hello folks

old rider w a new Scrambler Nightshift

just bought it “used” w 2100mi

previous owner spent some $ modding the bike then trading it in

full Ohlins front fork
Ohlins rear shock
Full Termi’s, Up-map
Excel rims w Ducati hubs
2nd set of OE wheels and tires
Rizoma mirrors
NRG fender elim
Rear light

I bought it as a commuter for myself and training bike for my 16yo daughter and G/F

also have a Monster 1200S that’s built up to near R spec W 30,000miles

first ride yesterday w my daughter as pillion, fun little bike, not a scalpel like the monster but still fun

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Congratulations! Looks to be very nicely modified.
I too am an older - in age and number of riding years - rider, and just bought my first Scrambler in November. My previous bike was 1100s Monster - and I agree, the Scrambler is no scalpel, but incredibly fun in its own right. I look forward to getting out on some trails in the spring.... something which the Monster was certainly NOT capable of! Have fun!

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Very cool Nightshift! I also own one - its been a blast.

Looks like the previous owner swapped the 18" front rim for a 17" to match the back. I've been looking for an example of this for a while, and it definitely looks like a good mod to consider!

Just a friendly suggestion - I'm thinking those rims definitely deserve to go back to black.

Here's my nightshift:
Tire Wheel Fuel tank Motor vehicle Automotive lighting
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