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Next shipment to Oz

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I was told my Icon would be here "end of May, early June".
Anyone have any news on when the next shipment will arrive in Oz?
Not that I'm getting impatient or anything.
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Heaps of bikes for sale at my dealer at the moment - Brisbane Motorcycles. Saw today they had 2 x Urban Enduro, 1 x Yellow Icon and 1 x Full Throttle in the showroom
Called the dealer. Am waiting for a return call as the salesperson has to call Ducati and get info from them as to where the bike is.

Checked the invoice and the deposit is non-refundable! Wish I had checked that at the time I paid it.
I ordered an Icon a couple of weeks ago and was told expect it in Adelaide at the end of July, early August?
Was told to expect a call before 10am today. So far no call at almost 2pm.

Finally got a call a day later at 6pm. So much for customer service.
Shipment arrives Melbourne this weekend then the bikes have to come 3000km by road to Perth and be assembled then PDI'd so may be up to 2 weeks after this weekend. Not quite the "early June" I was first promised.

You'd think Ducati would make more effort if they are trying to establish a new brand.
Bike should be ready tomorrow!
Looks like a dry weekend, too!
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My Red Icon now delayed from the advised late July/early August delivery to the end of August. No reason given.
Made in Thailand would be the most logical origin for Oz.
Where are the Oz bikes built?
From another post...
I think that this is incomplete. In particular, I would expect the WMI (the first three characters in the VIN) to be different. The WMI encodes the country of manufacture. For example, my German-built VW Golf has a VIN that starts WVW, but a US market Golf made the same year in Brazil would start with 9BW). New US market Golfs (except the new R) are made in Mexico (with VINs starting 3VW).

The WMI for manufacturers in Italy start with ZA - ZR. Ferrari is ZFF. Lamborghini is ZHW. The WMI for Ducati Motor Holdings is ZDM.

The WMI for manufacturers in Thailand start with ML - MR. It looks like the WMI for Ducati Motor (Thailand) Co Ltd is ML0. I would expect the VINs for bikes built there to start with that.

BTW, it looks like the Plant Code for Ducati Thailand is T.
Mine has ML0 as the first three digits, so Thailand it is! Which is fine with me. After all, Ducati is now owned by the Germans!

"Ducati. Made in Thailand"
Mine is also a low numbered (4xx) Thai bike. No build quality problems so far.
Cant find any Thai signage on bike anywhere i love my icon but hate my seat
home made seat in planning
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Very annoyed.......again. Red Icon ordered 23rd June for a indicated delivery end of July. Called end of July and got a phone call back (after 4 days!) to say now due end of August. Called yesterday asking when I can pick it up and told today it is still several weeks away. No reason given. My dealer says they are that just passing on what Ducati Oz are saying. Anyone else having similar lack of supply and communication problems? Seriously thinking of cancelling the order.
Hang in there. It will be worth it. Sounds like my story.
After overnight consideration, I will hang in there Injidup but the "Land of Joy" is slowly being diminished......if you buy all that lifestyle stuff!!?
Update. Still weeks away from getting my Red Icon ordered on 23rd June and October looking more likely now. Converted my order to a Classic sat in the showroom yesterday and should be getting it this weekend. My wife is very happy as she preferred the Classic and it was a close run thing when I ordered the Red Icon. The monetary saving of the Icon over the Classic would have paid for some customisation but hey ho! FYI 20 Red Icons on order in Oz and 15 coming on the next shipment apparently.
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I ordered mine Oct 2014 - yes before they started building them.
Was told March, then April, then June - actually arrived July - Parts I've ordered like heated grips and anti theft unit - Oct coming.
I think Ducati in general has poor communication to the end dealers - can't really blame them.
But yes, hang in there - my FT is awesome (although no longer looks like a FT)

Off to my first DOCQ meeting tonight - Ducati Owners Club of Queensland.
Hopefully there will be a couple more there.
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