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Nitron vs Ohlins

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I know they're both good but let me hear what you have to say.
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The Nitron NTR R1 shock has more adjust-ability. It has a combined compression/rebound damping, as well as pre-load adjustment. Approx £490 (Nitron)
The Ohlins 46 DR shock has only rebound damping and pre-load adjustment. Approx £520 (Ebay)

There was an Australian guy on here who ordered the Ohlins, Nitron and Shock Factory shocks. (Possibly Maxton too) I can't seem to find the thread.

His conclusion was they felt pretty similar in use. The Nitron had the best overall build quality/finish and it's adjuster had a very nice 'click' that let you feel each adjustment more accurately. The shock factory M-Shock's adjuster was the only one that was adjustable while riding, due to its positioning.

The Ohlins shock strikes me as a bit over priced considering the Nitron (and Maxton) shocks have more adjustability and have by most accounts, even better build quality. But the Ohlins shock is yellow and has the right badge... It does also look good on the Full Throttle.

The Shock Factory M-Shock shouldn't be ignored. It features the same adjust-ability as the Nitron and Maxton shocks but only costs £350, making it significantly cheaper. The amount of money saved is a long way towards the Maxton front fork option. If I go with a new shock, it would be my choice. Only thing stopping me is that I'll probably only keep the bike another 12 months.

Of course, there are higher spec shocks available but that starts to get into overkill for a little Scrambler.
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