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About 45 days ago, I ordered a Mugello seat and here it is. This was kind of a last resort for me, I've tried stock, comfort, and Mustang seats, I guess I'm hard to please because they all sat me in one spot, at 5'11 just a little too crunched to be comfortable for more than about 50-60 miles. The Mustang was the best of those three, but I just could not get comfortable on the bike. Love the bike, hate the seat. Picked a color, texture, added side covers and shipped my $18000 thai bucks off. Mugello was great to deal with, Mr. Sittimat answered all my questions, even sent pictures before it was set to ship. All in all a pleasant experience with them.

As far as the seat, I think this solves the problem for me. It is NOT a soft seat, its more like some of the Corbins. I've found out that "hard" does not necessarily mean uncomfortable on a few different bikes in the stable, and this is the case with this seat. I can move around on it, the "ledge" is 95% gone, and after just finishing up a 100 mile ride, my butt is ready for more. I'm thinking they may use some kind of memory foam in the construction, as about a minute after moving to a new spot the foam feels like it molded a little to me. All in all I am real happy, finally want to take the Scrambler on some longer rides.

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