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O2 sensors(The Scrambler's appendix ???)

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I am waiting for delivery of a Zard exhaust and will be sorting the fuel mapping out once I have fitted it. Bit of a wait from Zard so meanwhile, I removed both the O2 sensers into the pipes and fitted caps and blanks to tidy up end connectors etc. The reason I have done this is from previous threads I understood it might help with rough running/throttle response at low speeds. Only managed a short ride our today during which I purposely went through some busy stop/start traffic. Is there any difference? You bet your life there is! The kit cost me £29 plus some postage on ebay; came from Greece, claiming to use OME parts. Looks all legit to me. I get there might now be some unburnt fuel going out the back and possibly a reduction in fuel economy but at the price of getting full control at low speeds without constantly going for the clutch... no brainer! Just gone to number 2 on best mod to my bike( suspension upgrade hard to beat)

If anyone has any cautionary advise on what I done please let us know before I put any more miles on. It is a simply procedure to retro fit.
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Have seen the kit on ebay. I think it would be best to reset the auto adaptive parameters so that the ECU has no memory of the adjustments the closed loop circuit enforced. However the ECU may just adapt after time and my understanding is the plugs the kit comes with ensures there is no error on dash regarding the sensors not present. Being new to tuning take what I say lightly...
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The ECU will be remapped using the Rexxer unit by tuning specialists at Ducati Manchester. They advised the bike will run much better without O2 sensers in addition to tuning when fitted with new exhaust. Regarding guarantee , I don't know but IMO a smooth running engine is a good engine.
When I applied the Rexxer map based on my mods that retained the 02 sensors I was happy with the improvement in the smoother throttle response compared to the oem mapping but after applying 1 of the maps that did away with the sensors and clearing at auto adaptive parameters using the Rexxer unit the difference in performance was very noticeable and the bike runs even smoother :)
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