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Oil Change time ! What standard do we need ? (USA owners)

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So getting close to the 600miles oil change. Went to the local dealer, and he wanted $20 per liter for Motul 10w40. 300V (full synthetic)

I don't fancy getting bent over. What standard must our oil be ? API SL and JASO MA-2 ?

Shell Advance 4T is not an easy find here.

I was thinking about just getting Castrol Power RS full synthetic since i can get nearly 6 Litres for $60 delivered. And its popular here in the USA.

Or just getting the 10w50 Liquid Moly 4T Fully synthetic 4L for $47

Or am i just being a cheapskate and i should just get the 300V 4L for $60
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Once thru the start-up, you'll just have an oil can icon on the display, no constant flashing.

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