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Oil Change time ! What standard do we need ? (USA owners)

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So getting close to the 600miles oil change. Went to the local dealer, and he wanted $20 per liter for Motul 10w40. 300V (full synthetic)

I don't fancy getting bent over. What standard must our oil be ? API SL and JASO MA-2 ?

Shell Advance 4T is not an easy find here.

I was thinking about just getting Castrol Power RS full synthetic since i can get nearly 6 Litres for $60 delivered. And its popular here in the USA.

Or just getting the 10w50 Liquid Moly 4T Fully synthetic 4L for $47

Or am i just being a cheapskate and i should just get the 300V 4L for $60
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I elected to drain the oil at 1006m mark and refill with 20W50 Mobile 1 V-Twin available at Walmart for about $12/quart and a filter from the dealer. The break in oil was really dirty and like has been noted by others a couple minute metal shavings stuck to the magnetic drain plug. Thanks to "silverluxe" for excellent detailed write up how to perform this maintenance. The guy at the Duc shop was willing to plug in his diagnostic tool and reset the service light on the spot no charge. Unfortunately it was closing time on a Saturday so will have to wait till Spring. In hindsight thinking a 10W30 weight motor oil meeting Ducati specs would be a better choice for the local climate and my riding habits, relatively short jaunts and the occasional blast down a twisty. Lubrication technology has come a long way and thinking probably giving up some horsepower and fuel economy churning a crankcase and gear box full of high viscosity racing oil. Maybe justified in hot climates and extreme conditions. Bike is equipped with a really impressive looking oil cooler.
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