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Oil consumption

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I have now done about 600 miles since the first service at 600 miles. When I got it back from the first service the oil level was spot on the upper mark in the window, it has now dropped to be almost in the middle of the two marks (closer to the upper mark but I can clearly see that the oil level has dropped). Is this normal after just 600 miles? No signs of leaks whatsoever, so I guess it has burned up the oil. Anyone else have the same experience?
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Are you comparing the level when the engine is at different temperatures? A hot engine will show the level at the upper mark and a cold engine it will be lower down.
In any event new engines may burn oil when running in. Don't be shy with it, let it rev to 6000 to bed the rings in and seal them against the barrel. Once past 600 miles slowly increase that ceiling to 8000 over say the next 600 miles. Don't sustain 8000 just let it get up there occasionally.
I compared the levels when the bike was completely cold, before I went out for a ride. Ok, up to 600 miles I never went over 6000 rpm, but went up to it. The last 600 miles I has giving it full throttle up to 8000 rpm occasionally. Will give it some more load more often and see what happens. Hope this stops in a near future :/
I think you'll find it will be fine and settle down OK. All my Ducati's were fine once run in.
Ok, how many miles do you think I should ride before I can "accept" that it has settled, around 2000?
That will depend on how well the barrels pistons and rings have mated, But 1500 to 2000 should be about right. Even then some bikes will still use oil. Early YZF yams were famous for using up to a litre every 1000 miles! You shouldn't get that but a tenth of that is OK.
Went by the dealer today. Apparently they check the oil level when the engine is hot, then my oil level is fine. If I check when engine is cold the oil level is almost at the bottom mark. The manual states to check when cold. Should I top up to the upper mark when cold or go with the dealers recommendations, that seems kind of weird I think...?
Uummmm did they put that it writing? I'd be doing what the manual says!
Logic says hot engine oil is still in the engine cold engine it's settled and shows true level. Just off to check manual!!!!

Yep upright and cold! Your right !!
It shouldn't be above the upper when hot, and it shouldn't be below the lower level when cold.
Stop worrying, Your oi level is normal.
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