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My wife has a 2015 Urban Enduro that she loves. She is fairly new to motorcycles so I do most of the maintenance for her.

One thing that has always bothered me was that the oil sight glass was blacked out making it very difficult to visually inspect the oil level (or even confirm the presence of oil) unless the lighting was excellent. I was replacing the clutch and wanted to remedy this while the cover was off. This image shows the old one lying on the case and the new one installed.
oil sight glass.jpg

It turns out Ducati also learned that this was a problem and lists a revised part number that has a polished silver backing plate. The part number is 25440013A and I ordered one from Ducati Omaha for $11.13

The window is pressed in from the outside. I read that many people break the old one while removing it but mine came out fine.

I didn't note the size of the sockets I used with a dead blow hammer to slowly tap the old one out and the tap the new one in. The socket I used to drive it out needed to be a couple of mm smaller due to the smaller space and the one to install needs to barely fit in the whole from the outside.

I also read to avoid using any oil during installation since that may make it possible to eventually come back out. I sprayed the area with brake cleaner as recommended and that was enough lubrication. It evaporates quickly after. It is a tight fit but with patience it tapped right in.

I am very happy with the end result and now a quick glance will confirm the oil level.
New sight glass.jpg
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