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On an Icon, but not an Urban Enduro

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One thing that I noticed looking at the Scramblers at the Seattle motorcycle show is that there is small tank/canister on the Icon that isn't on the Urban Enduro. I didn't notice it until someone pointed it out later, so I didn't check for it on the other models.

On the Icon, it is on the left side, just forward of the engine. You can see it just to the left of "Ducati" in the Icon picture below. It looks like some kind of emissions part, so I wouldn't expect it to be model-specific.

Anyone know what it is and why it isn't on the Urban Enduro?


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My guess? It's a California evap canister, and that the Urban Enduro happened not to be a California model.
All Ducatis bound for USA come with that evap canister. Though required only in CA I believe they just put them on all Ducs. They usually are the first thing removed.
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I say the same but I also just see the rear shock is well old school adjuster with rotational with a rod which I guess is better than a c spanner lock nuts job and quick. I will see how it performs before I see about one possibly better. No doubt its adequate but what about 2 up.
At the Ducati Seattle preview yesterday, I got an answer to the questions that I asked above. It is an evap canister. The reason that it was on the Icon and not the others is that the other (behind the rope) models were all incomplete, display-only bikes.
My 2006 Multistrada came with this canister when new in the San Francisco area. A thread from Multistrada.net Home explained how to remove it. Since then, I noticed most Multistradas here in California were "fixed" and the left side of the engine looks much better. The same operation will be done on my Icon when delivered.;)
Evap canister. CA congress' method to stop Global Warming caused by evil fumes from gas tank vent.
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