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One ticked off the bucket list

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Took my Scrambler on a week's holiday to the English Lakes. I hadn't intended it but managed to take in all the passes, including Hardknott Pass :eek::eek: Motorbike Ride : Wrynose Pass / Hardknott Pass : Eskdale Green - Litt...

I managed it and am sooo happy - the views are stupendous but you don't get a lot of chance to enjoy them unless you find somewhere to park up. The Scrambler is just perfect for the twisty and steep Cumbrian roads :D

Top of Hardknott Pass after a complicated climb (and the descent wasn't a lot easier), and another pic at Haweswater (easy ride!).

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I rode it in 1998 with an old Honda Goldwing GL1100 with my wife on the back.
I rode it on a Cali 1100i with girlfriend on the back c. 1999, then drove over it in a BMW 535 in 2003 with my wife, to visit the Roman fort. Fortunately, met nothing coming the other way. The Scrambler will be ideal for the Hardknott, the more difficult of the two 'main' Passes.
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