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Having had my Full Throttle one week now and having clocked up 485 miles, here's my opinion of this thing of wonder.
The front forks are a bit hard and it crashes over potholes and manholes, this sends a jarring shock up the forearms.
The seat still hasn't broken in and after a couple of 90 minute rides, my arse starts to ache, hopefully this will improve.
The brushed aluminium covers on the Termingnioni silencer are getting a bit marked, so I may Cerakote them black.
I'm about 6'3" and it doesn't feel too small and is light enough to throw around a bit.

This is my first bike in nearly 25 years and after the first day reacquainting myself with bikes, it has all come back, although I do feel a more mature rider now.

It's manageable in Londons traffic, but really at home on sweeping A & B roads.
For a relative newbie it feels very reassuring and safe, and while I'm still limited to 6k revs, it has plenty of punch to put a real smile on the face.

Think I've been in petrol stations 4 times now.
Motorways are hard work, but mostly because they're boring.

I've had a few people come up to me or talk to me at traffic lights, saying how much they love it....as do I.

It has definitely brought the grin factor back :)

I love it

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Excellent short review. Do you do much/any filtering in London? I'm keen to hear opinions on the Scrambler's filtering ability. Handle bars seem quite wide which would be a downside I suppose?
I've been filtering a lot over the last few weeks: the downside of leaving in the south during the summer holidays ....

The bike is fantastic to filter on :)

The upright riding position gives good vision and the bars give excellent slow(er) speed control. I too was concerned about their width but have had absolutely no issues.

It's also really nice to able to use the torque and engine braking to control your speed, hardly any braking required which makes for nice smooth progress.

As a bonus more car drivers than I remember from the past seem to move over to let you through. Must be so they can admire the bike ;-)

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I'm a week in owning the classic, it's a blast having so much fun. The bike is so easy to ride only thing I've noticed doesn't like rough corners she shakes her head a wee bit but its not uncontrollably just like riding off-road.
Wouldn't change a thing .
Ps been riding for 36 yrs so still learning!!!!!!!!!!!
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