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2018 Ducati scrambler 1100 sport
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Hi all,

I just purchased a used 2018 Ducati Scrambler 1100 sport w 8,700 on clock. Though I did a quick VIN # internet ck, things appeared very good; i.e.; no salvage title, no accident reports, ect.,,,,,,,,,,then when I gave my VIN # to Ducati USA tech support they told me my bike had an 'open recall CR201', something related to the 'cable/hose guide assembly on the exhaust'. This recall safety issue on my bike is related to;
-"a possible short circuit happening where the actuation cable guide might come in contact w my bike's positive cable, causing a possible short circuit, fire, ignition shut off, ect."

If anyone has dealt w this particular recall or has any electro- mechanical expertise, reply's are most welcome. AS soon as i finish my winter storage at my non-ducati dealer where i bought my ducati, i'm sending it to a local authorized ducati dealer in my area to complete the work on ducati's dime,,,,,,,,just phoned their service mgr and he found the recall and said; "nothing crazy, just a routine check, reroute and insulation job",,,,,,,




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