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Hi all.
I am new to this forum and would like to share the build of my Full Throttle. Firstly, i am by know means a professional in the area of what im doing, but certainly confident enough to give it a go. This is a learning curve for me so i am open to constructive criticism, suggestions and compliments.
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  • Firstly, the Turbo. I have chosen a Garrett G-12, mainly based off the calculations and recommendations of a local supplier. I am doing away with the muffler box and mounting the G-12 under the swingarm. The intake filter will now take place of where the exhaust pipes were and the exhaust will dump out the left side. Oil pressure will lubicate the G-12 with an inline pump returning it to the engine
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  • I have a PWR intercooler measuring 300mmx200mmx60mm. I have cut and modified the cooler to relocate the inlet and outlet and reduce to 2" diameter. Pipe work is 2" stainless
  • Air box will now be gone and the oil cooler lowered to below the intercooler. CDI unit moved back into the frame behind the intercooler
  • I will not lower the compression just yet, I plan on doing an initial dyno tune to see how it handles the boost
Questions i need answers to
  • Does anyone know if there is a kit to relocate the footpegs?
  • Rexxer seems to be the go with tuning, can i get this in Australia?
  • Is there a quick shift available to suit?

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Sweet project. Unfortunately, I think mounting the turbo and intercooler tubing is going to be the easy part. Tuning is going to be difficult.

With 11:1 compression ratio, boost pressure will be very limited. Ignition timing will have to be pulled way back from the factory map. You may be able to lower compression a little by adding layers to the head gaskets.

I'm not sure what type of injection system Ducati uses on this engine (speed density or mass airflow). If it's speed density, I wonder if the rexxer can be used to write a map for the higher Kpa levels. I would contact them with that question. A standalone or piggybacked ECU like Microsquirt may be a better choice.

Another item of concern is the flow rate of the factory fuel injectors. I'm sure you will have to at least max out the their duty cycle to get the necessary flow from them. Raising the base fuel pressure may help as would a rising rate (1:1) fuel pressure regulator. Bigger injectors would be the way to go.

I would also consider switching to E85 fuel if it's available in your area. E85 can handle a lot more dynamic compression and timing than pump gas.

I'm excited to see how this turns out!

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Looks a great project, and my concern is the clutch. You can use additional base gaskets to tune compression, as if this motor is the same as other aircooled Ducati lumps, they don't run a headgasket, just O rings? I've not had the top end off mine yet, but all my other aircooled motors are like this.
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