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Height not an issue I’m 5.8.
I would not worry too much about dropping the bike as the engine case is narrow and handlebars are wide. I’ve dropped mine 3 times on water crossings with the slime (algae) and only bent the shifter so perhaps a folding shifter would be helpful. The stock shift is steel so slowly bending it back is ok.

if you plan on touring a windscreen would be very helpful. I bought the Touratec and it’s absolutely awesome for wind protection at 120+ mph 😎

Heat off the engine is only an issue if you do not wear riding boots and / pants. I have Dainese Nexus boots and the work very well protecting against heat. With my Alpinestars ankle boots the heat is very noticeable.

One last very necessary accessory is the Evotech radiator guard. I also ride high speed off road and have not suffered a single failure. The bike is VERY reliable!

I also converted the rims to tubeless using Outex.
Moto, which Touratech screen did you get as they don't stock a Desert Sled version.
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