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I'm looking for information on the part-numbers of the Owner's Manuals (found on the back cover).

For the Cafe Racer (2017), the part number is 913.7.339.1 followed by a letter. I know that the English one is 913.7.339.1A. Is there a different letter for the US/Canada manual?

EDIT: As I find more Ducati manuals, I'm confident that letter 'H' is for US/Canada.

These are the numbers and PDFs I've been able to track down so far:

Cafe Racer 2017
913.7.339.1A - English GBR - https://ducati.lt/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Scrambler_Cafe_Racer_E4_DMHCEE_GBR_MY17_ED00.pdf
913.7.339.1G - Korean - http://ducati-korea.com/scramblerducati/immagini/manual/Scrambler_Cafe_Racer_KOR_MY17.pdf

There are also these for the other Scramblers:
Icon / Urban-Enduro / Full-Throtle / Classic 2015
913.7.295.1A - English GBR - DUCATI SCRAMBLER OWNER'S MANUAL Pdf Download.
913.7.295.1H - US/Canada - DUCATI SCRAMBLER OWNER'S MANUAL Pdf Download.

913.7.336.2H - US/Canada - http://breemernet.nl/Files/Scrambler_Desert_Sled_(E4)_USA_MY17_ED00.pdf
913.7.304.2A - English GBR - http://scramblerducati.cn/Public/scrambler/pdf/Scrambler400_GBR_MY16_ED00.pdf
913.7.304.2H - US/Canada - http://scramblerducati.cn/Public/scrambler/pdf/Scrambler400_USA_MY16_ED00.pdf
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